MILK & HONEY – Libertinage

Libertinage By Milk & Honey


Milk & Honey is the legendary Prague club of social eroticism. A team of authors of unique erotic parties tailored for couples and their gentle accompaniment. — Since 2009.

Party for open-minded clubbers!

Tickets for this and all future Milk & Honey events will be distributed ONLY online!
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DRESS CODE: "Sexy, kinky, or naked! "
We recommend the style of "hidden dress code" ie in two layers. On top, sexy and elegant, underneath, bold and erotic.
Zone 1: Dress Sexy & Elegant
Zone 2 + 3: Dress Erotic
No streetwear or jeans!

Conditions of participation
The event is only open to those over 18 years of age. At the entrance you may be asked to present a document proving your age. Taking photos and recordings at the event is strictly forbidden. Adherence to the dress code completes the atmosphere of the evening and in case of non-compliance, you will be expelled from the club even with a valid ticket. We are not responsible for your things left in the club premises. The right to change the program, date and venue of the event is reserved.

Rules of the community:
1. No photos and recordings!
2. Phone must stay in the bag in the cloakroom.
3. Only participate if you are healthy and feeling good.
4. Respect the dress code of the night. Show you afford. No streetwear.
5. Respect the staff and never discuss with them.
6. Listen and watch before you act. Never touch anyone before you communicate with them.
7. Come on time. Nothing starts in the middle.
8. Never speak about who exactly was at the party.
9. Invite only the people you trust and enjoy.
10. If you want to write about M&H, send it to us before you publish it.

Pandemic restrictions - Covid 19
We love freedom but we respect the rules. To act responsibly is our standard.
All future events will be tailored for these strange pandemic times. Current details of the event can be found on our social networks. Use the EU Digital Certificate to verify your documents.
The organizer reserves the right to change the anti-pandemic conditions of participation at any time and without the obligation to return the entrance fee.