10 Good Reasons to Love Le Clan

10 Good Reasons to Love Le Clan

10 good reasons to love Le Clan and maybe more...

. Le Clan is a unique concept where you can simultaneously enjoy freedom, respect, comfort and fun.

. Le Clan: The place where countless stars like Matt Damon, Queen Latifah, La Troya, Moloko, and many more have had a good time.

. Le Clan offers a mix of fabulous people, famous or not, rich or not, Czech or not, beautiful or not, but all open minded.

. Le Clan is the place where international DJs play, like David Morales, Terry Francis, Chris Cox, Lisa Loud and even less famous like Bruce Willis or Wesley Snipes.

. Le Clan, which, from the beginning has declared the war against mafia and other bandits because it s a private club for Good People.

. Le Clan which offer a beautiful atmosphere provided by the music of its resident dj s and the honest smile of its staff

. Le Clan this special club which penalizes its customers who neglect Respect and sends this money to poor children.

. Le Clan a strange club where you can find a ping-pong table, a football table, a mini golf, a cage, a cross and many other games...

. Le Clan is among the most unique clubs in the world.’’ (Bruce Willis to Clemence, 2001).

. Le Clan would like to deeply thanks its friends, who made it possible to exist and grow:
Thanks to: Jirka Zima, Jeremie, Maca , Ana,Veronika, Marketa, Felicia, Olin, Renda, Alberto
A special thanks to: Gina, Roman, Honza, Richard, Dick, Pavel, Dusan, Trava, Vladka, Charlie, Lorenzo, Julien, Tomas, Seba, Slash, Karel, Artemio, Vaclav, Filip, Yemi, Milan, Marc, Orion, David, Aniska,Petr, Klara, Lisa, Chris, Alex, Teddy, Mucho, Allan, Eli, Lubos, Vojta and many many more……….