Le Clan's Rules

Le Clan's Rules - At the Door

Le Clan is a club for GOOD PEOPLE. By good people, we mean open minded, respectful, tolerant and friendly people

Prague is a city with a unique atmosphere, offering a rare quality of life nowadays in Europe.

In order to be in accordance with this amazing city, Le Clan offers you a unique place where you can fully enjoy yourself.

Le Clan's Rules - At the Door

Before you try to come to Le Clan, make sure you fully understand our Motto:


- Welcome in Le Clan as far as you fully respect Le Clan's Motto
- Entrance fee for non-members is 100czk but can be more for special events.
- Member's card is only on recommendation (VSP CARD)
- Le clan's is divided in two ZONES: Le Clan's Club and Le Clan's Private Club
- If you don't behave well while you are in Le Clan, we reserve the right to exclude you.

Le Clan's Rules commandements