Libertinage By Milk & Honey

Libertinage By Milk & Honey

Friday from 10.30pm


From 10.30pm till NOON

Red Floor = Relovution
Music by Carlos Rey & Guest

Blue Floor = Libertinage

This is very special edition of our party! — The collective celebrates 9 years of its existence!
You can enter this party only in the FACE MASK.
No street wear or jeans to Zone 2!

DRESS CODE: Express Your Sexuality + Face Mask
Zone 1: Face Mask since the Main Entrance! (Dress Sexy & Elegant)
Zone 2: Act as your character! (Dress Erotic)
Zone 3: Play as your character (Dress Erotic or Naked)

It must be kinky, erotic, fetish or at least nudity! "Less is more!"
We recommend the style of "hidden dress-code" ie in two layers. On top, sexy and elegant, underneath, bold and erotic.

Get some outfit in our gallery shop located in the city center and opened four days in the week. Find more here:

MILK & HONEY is the legendary Prague club of social eroticism. A team of authors of unique erotic parties tailored for couples and their gentle accompaniment.
MILK & HONEY + Le Clan = LIBERTINAGE " Party for open-minded clubbers! "

For years, we have been hearing that you would like the atmosphere of MILK & HONEY to be supplemented by dancing to the set provided by quality DJs. And so, we introduce the brand-new party LIBERTINAGE, organized regularly with club Le Clan in downtown of Prague. The situation has finally matured and our community is slowly but surely filling the legendary dance club.

SPACE & DRESS-CODE — With Three Zones
Zone 1 - Warm-Up — Admission free. Warm-up and familiarization. Performance provided. Ladies in dresses and heels, elegant gentlemen. We recommend the style of "hidden dress-code" ie in two layers. On top, sexy and elegant, underneath, bold and erotic.
Zone 2 - Underground — Entrance fee specified in details of ever event. This area provide dance floor with powerful sound, bar and showers. Please note that admittance is granted only to those adhering to the dress-code. Second locker room specifically designed for zones 2 and 3. This area has various nooks and corners as well as the Darkroom. At the entrance to the second zone You will be asked to demonstrate adequate dress-code which may also be done by showing the contents of your bag. There will be access to a free, secure locker room where items of clothing may be stored safely situated in the lower bar area.
Zone 3 - Playground — Zone for the naughty daredevils. Face control, entrance depends on adherence to the daring dress code only. Admittance will only be granted to single ladies, pairs and Trinities (2+1). Solo males will not be admitted. This area is only for those in an erotic dress-code such as complete nudity sexy lingerie, leather straps, chains or netting. Everyone will be very scantily clothed.

22:30 – Doors open, Zone 1 - warm-up
23:00 – Opening the Zone 2 - underground
00:30 – Opening the Zone 3 - playground (private)

DJs - Zone 2
Eva Porating
DJ Tráva

Again, do not miss the great DJs creating a strong sound for those who love the dance floor. Scantily clad guests and rooms with dark corners in which to fulfill their dreams or from which to watch our performers.

Couples: 1000 czk / 40 eu
Ladies: 100 czk / 5 eu
Trinity: 2000 czk / 80 eu (lady and two gentlemans)

No single gentleman allowed to enter.

There is a strict ban on all recording devices in all zones at all times.
The taking of photographs or recording of video etc will result in immediate expulsion from all areas of the MILK & HONEY event.
Adherence to the dress code is essential to the atmosphere of the event, contributing to the fun and games and is therefore required for admittance.